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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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complaints complaints complaints complaints that sometimes the background checks are not used. >> i don't think it equates to systemic failure. >> he suggested the cara wi -- caraway case suggested systemic problems. >> this is one school. and i said this has been a terrible thing that happened. i've used a number of verbiage. it was heinous, awful, terrible, shouldn't have happened. but i have 200 some other schools where did it not -- it did not happen. >> i will immediately establish a new office of monitoring, accountability and compliance. this new office, which will directly report to me, will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the fidelity and training, implementation of and compliance to the new procedures. >> the chair of this
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she was pushed back when pressed on why this wasn't a more public process and why victims' families in the caraway case were not debriefed. she said people need to be able to speak freely. the process had to be somewhat private. and this is not an investigation in the caraway case. that is going to be handled by law enforcement authorities. also, a lot of focus on training in this report. the report found a lot of the focus on training is on stranger danger sex abuse, when the reality is, it is most often committed by people who know the victim. maxwell said, you can expect that to change. reporting live in upper marlboro, scott broom, wusa 9. >> looks like they've got a ways to go there, scott. thank you. arlington police are looking for a man trying to lure children into his pickup truck. it's happened four times now. so take a look at this map. this is where the man has be
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different intersections in the last month. police are now asking parents and children to be on the lookout. what do we know about this man? >> well, lesli, we know he was last seen here, looking at a female high schooler and she was able to describe him as a man who looks to be in his mid- 30s to early 50s. 5'6" in height, had dark hair and was seen in both a blue sedan and pickup truck. but what the most disturbing part i found is thaty every time he was seen, he was seen either near schools, whether it be a high school or middle school, or near a playground. >> that is scary. >> he's been here this many times. why hasn't anybody found him? >> a man has been seen driving around these arlington streets, triering to lure kids into his truck. >> young kids are more vulnerable. they're more trustworthy. that's why we really want to make sure that parents know, that parents can make sure they talk to th
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keep an eye out for him. he's in his 30s to 50s, driving around in a pickup truck. in just the last three weeks, there have been four different incidents. each time he's tried to entice kids to go with him, sometimes following them for a couple of blocks. and some of those children as young as 7 years old. luckily, each of them has turned them down. >> these children are very smart. they know what to do in these situations. that's what we want to see. and then we want it to be reported to police departments so we can investigate. >> reporter: parents say it is a scary and important lesson for all of them to be on the lookout. >> just good common sense things to talk to your kids. you should always have a plan. know what to do and what to expect. and really starting at any age. and police want to reiterate that, it is really important to start this conversation, sooner rather than later. also important to set ground rules with your children, letting them know you would never want them
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a stranger. and that you'll always tell them who will be picking them up from school. i'm live in arlington, ileana diaz. wusa 9. >> never too early to start those lessons, ileana. thank you. they say if you see something, please reach out to them. a black bear has been seen around a school in prince williams county. sky 9 flew over tyler school in gainesville, virginia. but did not find the animal. officials say the bear has been seen several times, trying to break into parked cars. the school sent a letter to parents last week, alerting them to their unwanted visitors. authorities say everyone is safe at the school but the students are kept indoors. there is dead silence today. from the montgomery county school superintendent, as a huge controversy is exploding over teenage drinking. you see, superintendent larry bowers has overruled his own
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school. he has decided that six students will get to graduate and participate in ceremonies tomorrow. wusa 9's bruce leshaj is -- leshanna is -- bruce leshan is at the high school. >> reporter: that's right, adam. supporters are saying that the principal's get tough policy was, in fact, working. that there were i let fewer students drinking at prom. and none of them had to be rushed to the hospital as had been in the case in the past. she explicitly told the students and f they were caught drinking at prom, they would still be able to graduate, but they would not be able to walk across the stage to pick up their diplomas. >> the superintendent waited until the long weekend to announce he was overruling his own principle. perhaps waiting to quell a controversy that
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anyway. >> disappointed, angry, exhausted. powerless. >> the president. bcc student association, speaking as a parent of two, slammed superintendent larry bowers, who decided to allow some students who consumed alcohol during prom activities to participate in graduation ceremonies. she said principal donna redmon- jones had warned students before prom. >> sadly, they undermined the principal. but also our entire school staff staff. >> reporter: the bcc principal knew the students who were killed in a drunk driving crash. and she knew in the past, some bcc enstudts had gotten so drunk at prom that they had been rushed to hospital for alcohol poisoning. >> what's the message that this sends to younger students? >> that maybe the rules don't apply as much. >> you can drink
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still get to go to graduation? >> right. >> she put out many posters. it was even on the invitation that if they drank, this is what was going on -- to happen. >> it's tough to punish a high school student for making one wrong decision at a school dance, and to bring that sort of shame to someone's family, and to not have them walk at their high school graduation. >> reporter: now, a spokesman for the interim superintendent said neither he or the interimsuperintendent had nothing to say. and as you might imagine, the principal here, she's not talking either. >> hoping we'd get some answers eventually. bruce, thank you. with the president to the parent-teacher association, has scheduled a meeting for thursday night, at bcc, to vote on whether or not to condemn the superintendent's decision. a grim discovery today in annapolis. sky 9 over
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where human remains were found just a couple of hours ago. we're told that the body is that of an adult woman. ann arundel county police and the medical examiner are on scene investigating. discovery was made around 3:00 on industrial avenue. that is near annapolis mall. fairfax police are #looking for three men, connected to a motel robbery in vingfield. it happened at the motel 6, just off route 95. several people staying overnight say they were awakened by three men. one armed with a gun. another with a hammer. a college student from bcu says he was pistol whipped when he was at the door. >> two came in with a hammer. the other had a ski mask on. they told everybody, get on the ground. >> i woke up and saw a gun waving at people. and someone punching girls in the face. >> the victims who were hit by those suspects were not seriously hurt. police say they're looking for three men in their 20s. one of them described as a heavyset man with dreadlocks.
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donald trump tried to answer a pressing question today. who receives all the money he claims he raised for veterans groups? at trump tower, the presumptive republican presidential nominee provided some answers. >> honoring america's warriors, $100,000. hope for the warriors, $65,000. >> trump complained that the media is spinning his good deed into something negative. well, just outside trump tower, a vet group with ties to the democratic party accused the billionaire of using them for publicity. we'll hear from some local veterans, coming up at 6:00. early voting is under way for the district's june 14th democratic primary. in addition to the race for president, voters will find several city council seats on the ballot. we have voters' guides up now with our wusa 9news app. it's a free download for apple and android advice. state issued a travel alert today for americans headed
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europe this summer. over potential terror attacks. specifically, that warning is for americans traveling to france for the european soccer championship next month. there are also concerns about the tour de france cycling race that gets under way in july. we turn to prince george's county now, where police have identified a young mother killed in adelphi. 21-year-old ashley solano was found dead in an apartment laundry room off 18th avenue. police say she had been beaten so badly, relatives could only identify her pie a -- by a tattoo. a friend said she struggled with pcp addiction and did not live in the apartment building. solano leaves behind a 3-year- old child. a case in prince george's county, that could be decided with literally, the blink of an eye. jermaine hails goes on trail for today for a shooting shooting that first left a man paralyzed from the waist down. prosecutors say they were able to identify the shooter by
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showed a photo. he later died. after a series of rulings, video of the blinking can be used in the trial, which is expected to last two weeks am. we are just getting started on wusa 9 news at 5:00. for the most part, a nice end to the month of may. and a dry end. except for a couple of showers. a little shower in la plata. that's about it. we will come back and talk about the remnants of bonnie. might throw moisture our way before the week is out. trump campaign targets amish voters in key battleground states. we have brand new information from police, after zoo workers shot and killed that major gorilla. major disruptions around the corner from metro riders. >> and they call for a fire investigator for ousting inploapt pictures on facebook. plus, after the break, caught on camera.
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you may have seen this video on your facebook feed. it shows an atv rider doing tricks. but tempting to taunt a prince george's county police officer. the police department confirms the video is of a recent incident. and they are investigating. so if you know anybody involved, if you recognize them, they may want to hear from you. you may recall, last month, d.c. police announced a crackdown on those who illegally ride those atvs, releasing hundreds of photos of riders. and just a reminder, we're getting closer to metro's midnight service. over for the foreseeable future. and beginning saturday, there will be continuous single tracking on the orange and silver lines from austin to
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16th. much more details now on our wusa 9news app. concerns about the county investigator on administrative leave from the fire department. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox has been leading the way on this story. and now, they want that investigator to go. peg, tell us more. >> well, the union says it recently reported to the fire chief two serious complaints against guy morgan. and he says that, plus, on top of what we already know, should be enough to take action. >> there needs to be some very serious discipline. >> john nemick, the president of the firefighters and paramedics association is taking aim at guy morgan. he's the professional starns officer who investigated workplace complaints at the fire department and also ran polygraphs on new recruits. he's now on administrative leave, after lewd content was discovered on his faifers book page. >> there should be very serious
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discipline that needs to occur, up to and including suspension or even termination. >> he said two different firefighters have complained about guy morgan's behavior. one of the charges include his ethnic. >> you have two incidents of conduct unbecoming. and i can say they were unprofessional. >> reporter: morgan, a police officer, still has arrest powers and was allowed to carry a gun to work at the fire department because he has been a special conservator of the peace, or s-cop. some are questioning the appointment. >> i don't know why anybody needs to carry a gun, in order to do internal affairs investigation. the gun isn't necessary for that. >> reporter: senator scott surville passed new legislation that tightens the s-cop legislation. >> i think if we're going to empower anybody to make
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arrest. the public ought to be able to abcertain whether that person was legitimate or not. >> they said the new law requires all s-cop officers to register with the department of criminal justice. the senator said he called the department last week to find out if guy morgan is still in fact, an s-cop officer. and said he's still waiting to hear. i called the department today, and i'm still waiting to find out. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and we know when you hear back, you're going to let all of us know. fire chief richard bower tells us, he was aware that guy morgan was on the job. but was not sure who approved his status to do so. cincinnati police are now investigating possible recklessness charges against the mother of a boy, who crawled to a gorilla enclosure. that guy passed through the fence. through an additional 4 feet of plants and shrubs before dropping, 15 feet into
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-- moat below. that gorilla dracked the boy around the -- dragged the boy around the water before it was shot and killed. >> i'm trying to blame it on the mother or the cincinnati zoo. i'm telling you, it was a terrible tragedy and the right decision was made. >> an animal rights group has filed a lawsuit saying the cincinnati zoo's inadequate enclosures violate the federal animal welfare act. and that complaint could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in fines. dozens of people have been rescued from flooding but seven could not be saved. seven others are missing. water-logged areas could see another round of flooding. this, of course, as we get -- sorry. getting closer to the hurricane season, too. >> right. >> remember, they got hit earlier with floodings. second round of flooding this spring. >> yeah. the break. >> yeah. not good. we actually got a little bit of a
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and really, the weekend was not too bad. >> i would say you did all right. >> we're close to a record. it's a record we really don't want. it's may 2016, versus may 2013. here's the deal. this is days of measurable rain. so 1/100ths of an inch or more. we're at 19. the record is 20. i don't think we're going to see any today. so i think we'll end up being one short of the record. but still, that's a lot of rain for one month. and a pretty wet month at that. no frost killed them. no, they rotted in the soil. 3-degree guarantee for today. feeling okay. we went 86 today. seemed pretty reasonable. remember, our average high is like 80. so it's been a little warmer. we flipped the switch like two weekends ago. live look outside. 84 now. that's good. humidity in check. i mean, 55% is not too bad. and it's a little dryer. as you move away from the river and the bay. so earlier at
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evening. we showed it to you a minute ago. they are few and far between. bus stop temperatures, 52 to about 78 and dry. nice and mild start. and warm and pleasant tomorrm maybe a stray shower, followed by tomorrow at the beginning of meteorological summer. showers and thunderstorms on thursday. from what is left of bonnie. and maybe even into friday. we may have to think about putting up a yellow weather alert on thursday and/or friday. no worries tonight. 10:00, walk after dinner. beautiful. more like june really. of course, june is around the corner now. 74 downtown at 10:00. and 72 in gaithersburg and rockville and also manassas. by morning, just a few clouds. and today, partly cloudy. we're back in the 60s. 67 in silver spring and also fairfax. by 9:00, we're back in the 70s again. pretty rapid warmup. by 1:00, i think future cast is done. be advised, couple of showers
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83 in gaithersburg. 86 in leesburg and sterling. 81 for our friends in la plata. and by 6:00 p.m., a couple of showers left over. don't get too hung up on the exact locations these showers. 80 by the time we get to 6:00 tomorrow night downtown. 81 in bowie. and by 9:30 tomorrow night. just partly cloudy. temps pack in the 70s. more like summer. for tonight, an early isolated thunderstorm. and we mean isolated. otherwise, clear to partly cloudy and mild. pretty nice. low temperatures, to about 70. south and southwest at about 10. day planner looks like this. 70 at 7:00. 75 at 9:00. back up to 80 pretty quickly. then by 1:00, 83. couple of showers are possible. keep that in mind, if you're walking to lunch. then we get into thursday. better chance for showers and 79. friday, even a better chance for showers. low 80s. now, next seven days. saturday, we'll keep dry. sunday, more storms. monday,
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temperatures still generally in the 80s or either side of 80. may be a little cooler thursday because of the cloud cover. >> thanks, topper. following breaking news out of northwest washington. deform c. fire department is on the scene -- d.c. fire department is on the scene of a ceiling collapse. currently being used by students who attend the duke ellington school of the arts. they're undergoing renovations. that's why they're there. no word yet on any possible jurisdiction. we do have a wusa 9news crew on the scene. more information on that as it becomes available. an app for some of the phones to help -- smart phones to help diagnosis medical conditions. all of that and more in tonight's consumer alert.
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in our consumer news, the fallout from the volkswagen emission cheating scandal continues to impact the company's bottom line. the germany automaker's first quarter profits plunged. volkswagen admitted to rigging software
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variety and even perhaps detect a terminal disease. beer isn't just for the boys. high-heeled brewing is a craft beer company that is targeting women with brews, like slaying back perry ale. and too hot to handle. the company's ceo has plenty of beer experience. she used to work for anheuser- busch. data shows women drink about 32% of craft beers. still ahead. a biker explains why he was mowed down. look at that. in a vicious road rage attack. >> goodness. n > an intense search for a ma accused of trying to rape a 13- year-old. and right after the break, donald trump, courting amish -- amish voters.
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a brand-new political action committee, aiming to elect donald trump, is turning into an unlikely boost for a political vote. the amish. >> pennsylvania and ohio are battleground states. even a few thousand votes can make a difference. andrea mccarren is headed to the heart of pennsylvania's amish country. joins us from lancaster. >> hi, adam. just when we thought this presidential race couldn't get more interesti
5:30 pm
the amish don't watch television. they are not on twitter. but this new amish path is hoping to churn out some trump votes. >> every vote counts in pennsylvania. >> reporter: in rural lan caster county, most amish live without electricity and reject modern technology. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: so the donald trump they know is not the bombastic politician sparing on television and twitter. beth king is the outreach coordinator. king grew up in an amish family. and now runs a construction business. >> but he's strong. [ inaudible ] very successful in business. >> reporter: the amish pact plans to reach potential voters
5:31 pm
by advertising in local newspapers and on billboards. >> trump has a little better business mind. i don't think he's afraid to say what he thinks. and i think our country is in need of that. >> the question now, will enough of the state's 60,000 amish residents vote? so far, they raised $10,000. reporting live from lancaster, pennsylvania. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> they've definitely got some work ahead of them. thank you. >> for more information on the amish pact, we've posted a link to it on the wusa 9news app. d.c. firefighters and ems saved a man's life as he showed up on the doorstep. the man showed up on georgia avenue northwest. parked his car in front of the garage. and frantically started honking his horn. when first responders came outside, they realized the man had was having a heart attack.
5:32 pm
they rushed him to the hospital. >> great job that the men and women of the fire department do every day is the norm. some of the unfortunate incidents that you may hear about on the news. those are the isolated incidents. >> heard the horn beeping out front. it was just a couple of beeps and first, and then just ran it. so like a doorbell ring. the built rings, you know something happened. so you run immediately to the front. >> does. c. fire and ems say the man was responsive. right now, u.s. marshals are on the hunt for a man they say tried to rape a 13-year-old girl. this is alfaro. investigators say it happened in 2015 inside the victim's home on mount vernon avenue and that alfaro is a family friend. he is 5'4," 170
5:33 pm
although he's from el salvador, marshalls believe this dangerous fugitive may still be in the arlington or alexandria area. if you know where he is, he's got contact information on our wusa 9news app. d.c. police are revealing new details after a shoplifting suspect in northeast d.c. it happened in a giant supermarket, sunday evening on h street. police say the officer opened fire after the suspect pulled out a weapon. the 47-year-old anton fu fawn is charged with assault on an officer. taken to the hospital with critical injuries. to prince george's county now. they are giving first-time low- level. 18 to 26 years old. and not have a felony on their record. four people chose to take advantage of that second chance today.
5:34 pm
the extra chance everybody needs. and i feel blessed. to me, this is everything. i mean, it's an opportunity not only for people like me in my situation. >> the divergent program lasts 12 to ain months. parking rates at nearly all of the district's 15,000 meters. $2.30 an hour, starting tomorrow. >> that is a hike. ouch. in the busiest areas of the district. they will see a $1.50 increase. that's up from 75 cents. and the parking enforcement will also be extended. d.-dot says the mobile software will be updated, too. >> if i want to travel somewhere in washington, you've got to find metered parking.
5:35 pm
the weekends now. >> it probably won't bother me that much. i'm not actually going to go look at budgets. but i'd like to think that that money is going to go to some productive and useful purpose here. >> they say the new rates are comparable for major cities like baltimore and philadelphia. trending now. why a man convicted of attempted assault was sentenced to sundays in church. snoop dogg, calling for a boycott of the booths reboot. and caught on camera. a massive gator. look at that thing. straight out of jurassic park. at a florida golf course. leave your ball right there. and drop another and keep going. here is the pollen count. as you might expect, without any showers, pretty high. trees are now moderate. grasses in the high range. weeds are low. you can get it on the website, wusa and also our app. just open the app, scroll
5:36 pm
our weather. we'll talk about increased showers and storms when
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5:38 pm
let's get to what is trending tonight. we begin with a man sentenced to church
5:39 pm
fight. >> sentenced to church. >> it started after a minor league hockey game in cincinnati. you know where this is going. jake strobin. yeah, threw back a few too many. started mixing it up. with a group of baptist street preachers. brilliant. next thing you know, strobin was attacking one of the preachers. though it was his request, the judge sentenced the 23 twreerld catholic to 12 -- the 23-year- old catholic to 12 weeks in baptist church instead of jail time. >> i wasn't thinking about the catholic church. i would go with baptist church. >> i'm with you. >> the epic mini series roots. >> one person not happy about it was
5:40 pm
he hopes other people will join him in a boycott, in a profanity-fueled rant on instagram, he said hollywood has made enough films and shows about the hard times of african americans. and snoop says it's time for people of color to make their own movies about the successes of the black community. a lot of people excited about this roots reboot. i'm one of them. >> snoop not a fan, though. might be the biggest florida gator ever recorded on camera. and it was not in a rush. >> only thing is, we don't know that it was a gator. it looks like a dinosaur, perhaps even godzilla. >> do you know if it's real? >> look at how it's moving. looks like it's moving true to life to an alligator. >> mightmight not be real. >> according to representillian, this was caught on buffalo golf course palmetto. some have their doubts as to whether the giant re
5:41 pm
real. but it's doing its thing. golf course employees confirm there is nothing fake about this gator. they say it is a long-time resident at the course. could be up to 16-feet long. biggest gator ever recorded in florida was 14 1/2-feet long, weighing 780 pounds. >> it might be real. but it looks mechanical. those hands and foot movements. just a little too perfect. >> who has that kind of time on their hands. >> people. >> i know. you're right. a word of warning for adele fans, looking to preserve concert memories. >> watch the singer tell her to put down her camera right in the middle of the show. >> i want to say to the lady in the front row, can you stop filming me? because i'm here in real life and you can enjoy me here. >> busted. >> i've heard other people do that at concerts. they want you to to be in the moment. and when you're holding ape video camera, it's hard to be in
5:42 pm
mixed reaction online. some say, adele was right in protecting her material. others said, that's a celeb -- that becoming a celebrity has got tone her. >> it's her show. she can do whatever she wants. >> she just wants you to enjoy the show and be in the moment. appreciate that. moving on. to sports. the nats bullpen might have gotten the win last night without ever throwing a pitch. we'll explain what that means. and right after the break. a young boy, nearly killed. allegedly at the hands of his own father. and now, the child's mother is calling for changes.
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i want to get you an update on breaking news on the fire. d.c. announced the problem at garnet high school, actually caused no structural damage. no one there is injured. apparently what happened is pieces of dry wall fell from the ceiling of an unoccupied classroom. that sparked the whole thing. a virginia mother is begging cps to investigate more after her 9-year-old son was nearly beat tone death. >>
5:46 pm
the child's father. they tell us he had been investigated before when he lived in stafford county. stephanie ramirez reports from richmond. >> this happened almost 2 1/2 weeks ago now. but 9-year-old elijah is still here at bcu medical center in richmond being treated am he cannot speak still. his mother spoke to us, though, hoping this never happens again to any other child. >> i'm hoping that somebody somewhere, either in cps or counties just learn that it takes more than just one time to sit with them. >> 32-year-old amy brown tells us she's been fighting for custody of her son elijah for about two years now. and last year, had elijah's father, 37-year-old thomas jennings jr., investigated after she found scars and bruises on elijah's back. she said there was an open case. but they didn't actually meet with the stafford county child protective services until the day of her custody hearing. sh
5:47 pm
forthcoming at the time. >> it's been a struggle. to get someone to believe us. >> reporter: brown tells us, elijah did eventually reveal information to doctors, so she tried again. she showed us an e-mail, sent to stafford county cps, making a plea to reopen the case. and describes not being able to reach an investigator. brown believes jennings' military background and steady job, as well as her decision to go back to school, impacted the case. this past may 17th, is when spotsylvania county sheriff's deputies say jennings brought elijah to the hospital and admitted to striking the boy. doctors discovered a ruptured spleen, among other injuries. >> try to see that the child is safe. >> eliia's mother tells me she has emergency custody over are him and they're going to resolve this issue when they go back to work. >> and a stafford county public information officer respond
5:48 pm
aware of the case. but virginia law precludes us from discussing anything specific about any social services case. d.c. police say they will, once again, post breaking news to the department's twitter feed. the washington post reported that mpd officials had hoped to release news via the d.c. alerts system. police spokesperson said the department listened to community partners and will resume tweeting breaking news immediately. two bikers are recovering after a frightening road rage incident near tampa, florida yesterday. one of the victims said it started after an erratic driver did not respond well to some advice. >> we just ended up pulling up next to him. and started letting him know that we were not pleased with his driving skills. and that's when he decided he put the car in reverse, backed up about two feet, turned the wheel ask just ran us over. >> joe calder aso is nursing a broken leg.
5:49 pm
the hospital with all kinds of injuries. cops arrested the driver of the car who has been cited for multiple traffic violations in the past. >> always watching. always tracking. wusa 9's firstalert weather. it's possible some of the remnants of bonnie get up here on thursday and friday. right now, it is spectacular, though. live look outside. through the michael and sons weather cam. winds are calm. humidity, 55%. not bad. pretty comfortable. early isolated thunderstorm or shower this evening. that's about it. bus stop temperatures, 62 to 78. again, that's 68 through the 9:00 a.m. it is dry. warm and pleasant tomorrow. we cannot rule out a stray shower. but then we get into thursday and friday. stray showers and storms are possible from bonnie as it works its way up the eastern sea board. 10:00 tonight, a great night for a walk. low to mid-70s. clear to
5:50 pm
73 in bowie. maybe 70 downtown in bethesda. and maybe downtown d.c. 65 in gaithersburg. looking at 67 in fairfax. pretty nice start. warms up pretty quickly, though. by 9:00, in the 70s. and by lunchtime, there are a few showers. don't get too fixated on where they are. just be advised if you're walking to lunch, i'd bring an umbrella. temperatures low to mid-80s. and tomorrow evening, about 25 minutes from now. 80 downtown. 80 in gaithersburg. 81 in silver spring and manassas and daily city. and again, a few leftover showers. all in all, a pretty nice start to the month of june. so day planner looks like this. 70 at 7:00. all of a sudden, we're 80 at 11:00. and back up to 83 at 1:00. and a couple of showers and storms are possible by the midday hour. next seven days. increasing chance on thursday and friday. near 80 thursday. low 80s on friday. back in the mid-80s on saturday. right now, i would make plans for saturday, as opposed to sunday. more storms on sunday. early morning showers on monday. temps monday and da
5:51 pm
though, holding around 80. the washington nationals have a new aura. a new renewed sense of excitement at the clubhouse this season. they're rolling along. sitting a game ahead of course, atop the n.l. league standings. perhaps that bodes well for the upcoming post season. frank hanrahan has more on tonight's inside pitch. >> we are now past memorial day, obviously. and a lot of baseball experts say if a team is right near or at the top of their division, then it's probably safe to say they are going to be contenders this season. with that said, the nationals have a fighting chance of getting back to the play-offs at the rate they're going. there's a lot of reasons why the nats have been good so far. we'll start with dusty baker. look
5:52 pm
like playing for him. steven strausberg specifically. he's 9-0. to e.r.a. with 23. second best in baseball. and contribution of free agent daniel murphy. could be the biggest deal in all of free agency this year. getting nearly 400. recently, 16-14. and cardinals, royals, mets and cubs. right now, the nationals are on a midmind pace. that's a lot of games left. the odds are good, we could have baseball, back in d.c. in october. i'm frank hanrahan. that's your inside pitch. >> thanks so much, frank. sometimes hose factors are definitely working. giving something a little extra. check out the video do doo from the nats. they were down one run last night, when he hit the single, driving in a run to tie up e th game. but the bull pen.
5:53 pm
getting a little bored out there sometime. no more rally cats. now, it's the hex. they do it again for daniel murphy. and as you heard, one of the hot evaluate hitters, 2-run single gaves them the winning run. perhaps they found something new to do out there. works for that. and why phillies fans are cheering next to them. that's not good for them. but bull pen. >> we don't need that kind of karma. >> yes. don't need that kind of karma. but hey, you never know. playing with dolls. all right. coming up when bruce joins me at 6:00. donald trump finally answers questions about fundraising for veterans. we'll have reaction from local vets. also at 6:00. wusa 9 uncovers evidence from some d.c. campaign workers, maybe ignoring campaign laws. up next,
5:54 pm
involved in an alexandria resident fight against a construction project in his neighborhood.
5:55 pm
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particles out. try super poligrip free. an alexandria man got a visit from police, for folking out about a redevelopment in his neighborhood. cops went too far, by telling him to tone down his construction project. and the alexandria police chief
5:57 pm
how it was intended. >> it's this hotel. right where the george washington memorial starts. and the plan is to change it from a two-story hotel to four stories. nearly doubling the number of hotel rooms. >> it continues to be the massive side of this hotel. >> one of the biggest concerns of the last year sits right outside the living room window. he and more than a dozen of his neighbors have been speaking out at city council meetings about the size of the proposed hotel and the parking it will have, since it was announced a year ago. >> we view this proposal. >> with spring questions their actions. he even stood up in a planning committee to object to the commissioner's statement. >> reporter: nearly two we
5:58 pm
later, after the redevelopment plan was approved by city council, an alexandria police lieutenant, knocked on marsden's front door. he sent the lieutenant to see how the comments were perceived. >> standing up in a public forum to object to a statement he asked if that is breaking the law. and he said, not in his opinion. >> reporter: they said this was to avoid conflict. but it was not perceived that way. >> this was totally unwarranted. >> marsden said the chief met with him the next day to discuss how it played out. >> some say they're fight isn't over. after ben marsden. he's been looking into new homes. >> reporter: the hotel expansion project includes a restaurant that befo
5:59 pm
approved the project, they did make several amendments for how to handle restaurants and hotel parking. right now, at 6:00, are politicians using our nation's veterans as pawns in the 2016 presidential race. also coming up. campaign aide caught on video, asking a voter to find a bogus address so he can vote in the ward 8 primary. we've got the tape. and a police investigation is under way in the death of a cincinnati zoo gorilla. shot and killed, after a 4-year- old fell into the enclosure. good evening. i'm les lie foster -- lesli foster am. >> donald trump lashes out at the media for lying about donations. and even attacking one reporter. >> he's a sleaze in my book. >> you're a sleaze. because you know the facts and you know the facts well. everyone will say, who got it, who got it, who got it? and you make me look very bad. >> reporter: donald trump today released the
6:00 pm
charities who received the $5.6 million he claims to have raised during a charity event. >> outside trump tower. a veterans group with ties, accused them ever using our men -- brave men and women for charity. stephanie fail hart is -- stephanie gailhard is live with more. >> reporter: donald trump had a lot of insults for a lot of people today. that's for sure. but at the heart of this issue, are veterans who need that money so desperately. >> the money has all been sent. i wanted to keep it private. if we could, i wanted to keep it private. because i don't think it's anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets. >> still today, the presumptive republican nominee revealed which veterans organizations


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